Laser Electrical Ballarat are your 'Totally Dependable' residential electricians, servicing Ballarat and its surrounding areas in Western Victoria. Our highly qualified and experienced electricians provide a wide range of electrical services for the home. We deliver electrical systems and solutions that work with your architecture and home requirements.

Our residential services include:

Our responsibility is to provide you with the most up to date and innovative solutions for your home. That is why we work closely with our key suppliers to ensure that we always deliver the latest technologies at a competitive price. We have access to a wide range of quality products and along with our expert knowledge, you can rest assured your electrical décor and performance expectations are met.

Through innovation, planning and use of quality systems we take pride in providing you with the highest level of customer service. We ensure consistent national pricing, high service standards and punctual, highly skilled technicians.

Laser Electrical Ballarat can take care of all your domestic electrical needs, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

New Home Electrical and Automation

At Laser Electrical Ballarat, we provide 'Totally Dependable' electrical services for new home projects and new home installations across Ballarat and its surrounding areas. With our extensive experience and a wide range of product and service offering, we can help make any project run well. We understand our role in the construction process and we are a reliable and proven contractor.

We will work with you to design an electrical system that not only works within the architectural parameters of your home but is also practical enough to function for normal household use. We know building a new home requires a lot of important decision making, which is why we will take the time to discuss your electrical requirements and help turn your house into a home.

Laser Electrical Ballarat also provides home automation and can design a system to suit your needs and budget - from simple multi point dimming and automated lighting control through to complete automation such as scheduling, remote access and remote control for almost any equipment that connects to electricity. We are fully equipped and qualified to install a system that fits your requirements.

Laser Electrical Ballarat is a certified Clipsal C-Bus Home Control installer. Take control of lighting, air conditioning, multi-room audio, your home theatre, security system, irrigation, keyless entry, windows, blinds and more with Clipsal C-Bus Home Control from Schneider Electric.

Solar PV and Battery Storage Sales & Installation

Laser Electrical Ballarat is a trusted solar PV supplier and installer across Ballarat and its surrounding areas. We have an experienced team of qualified tradesmen so you can be comfortable in knowing you are receiving the best advice, service and the highest level of  commitment to your future energy saving initiatives.

Laser Electrical Ballarat can also size and install Battery storage systems to maximise your solar production usage and prevent annoying power outages.

Laser Electrical Ballarat provides peace of mind when assisting you with your solar installation and your ongoing electrical needs. When we carry out your assessment for suitability to solar we also review your entire energy usage and provide suggestions and advice as to how you can actively reduce your energy needs.

Read more on our Solar PV and Battery Storage page.


At Laser Electrical Ballarat, we provide 'Totally Dependable' electrical services for home renovations across Ballarat and its surrounding areas in Western Victoria. When it comes to electrical installations and rewiring work, our goal is to minimise your stress by providing an electrician who shows up on time, is well presented, professional and carries out your job with care and skill.

Whether your home improvement project is something you have been preparing for years or a spur of the moment decision, Laser Electrical Ballarat will work with you from start to finish. We take the time to discuss your electrical requirements and work with you to design an electrical system that will function effectively with the architectural parameters of your newly renovated home. We also provide the most up-to-date and innovative solutions and products for your home that are both energy efficient and cost efficient.

LED Lighting

When it comes to efficient lighting, there are lots of options to choose from. Laser Electrical Ballarat provides modern and stylish lighting that is well suited to your needs, servicing clients across Ballarat and its surrounding areas in Western Victoria.

Why choose LED lighting? LED lighting is more eco friendly and consumes less electricity, which can help you reduce your electricity bills. Laser Electrical Ballarat can design and install an LED lighting solution that fits your home or business requirements. We have access to a wide range of high quality LED products and our qualified electricians will make sure your lighting is installed safely. Our lighting designs, solutions and installations are 100% in compliance with Australian standards.

Air Conditioning

Laser Electrical Ballarat specialises in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of domestic and commercial air-conditioners for clients across Ballarat and its surrounding areas in Western Victoria. With years of experience and hundreds of air conditioner installations under our belt, Laser Electrical Ballarat is the perfect choice for your air-conditioning needs.

Laser Electrical Ballarat can provide advice on the correct type of air-conditioning unit to suit your needs and our trained and qualified refrigeration mechanics and electricians will carry out an expert installation. You can rest easy knowing that qualified technicians have installed your air-conditioning safely. We partner with the best suppliers and leading manufacturers to ensure that our clients are getting a proven and reliable end product.

Energy Auditing

Laser Electrical Ballarat offers energy audits to both commercial and residential clients that are designed to identify areas of energy wastage and provide effective strategies for improvement. We serve clients across Ballarat and its surrounding areas in Western Victoria. We have a skilled team of electricians and controls engineers who can provide energy efficient systems for your home or office building.

Laser Electrical Ballarat can assist in energy auditing of factories, offices, housing and almost any facility that uses electricity. Our highly trained staff will visit your premises, carry out a full and extensive audit, and provide a range of options and initiatives to assist you in saving money and the environment. We will provide some inexpensive ways to change the way you think and also some more elaborate strategies on how to save energy or generate electricity using renewable energy.

Security System & CCTV Supply and Installation

Laser Electrical Ballarat provides security products and installations, servicing clients across Ballarat and its surrounding areas in Western Victoria. Whether you need security cameras, security lighting or a fully monitored alarm system you can access from your smartphone or computer, we have a full range of products and installation experience to suit. We can tailor a solution to help keep your home or business safe.

We also install high quality CCTV systems using the best CCTV components that give high resolution identification and recording for a wide range of requirements. Whether you are looking at having a CCTV system installed in your home or business premises, Laser Electrical Ballarat can help you. We have access to a wide range of quality products and a team of experienced installers so that we can provide you with a reliable and up-to-date CCTV system.

Partnering with Laser Electrical Ballarat will provide you with a streamlined and professional support network for all your electrical needs. Using our unique Laser systems, we ensure that the electrical management of your building project is headache free. We coordinate technicians, provide electrical efficiency audits, carry out your installation and work cooperatively with project managers on site.

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